Know your brew

A naturally effective concoction of 21 powerful herbs, we bring to you 2 unique brews that will help you stay fit and beautiful or handsome :)

fit start your day with a cup of our morning tea, everyday upon waking up.

DeTOX your body every other night by sipping a cup of our night tea before bed.

A 30 day Teatox plan, fitTOX is a combination of 2 teas power packed with natural fat burners, antioxidants and de-stressing herbs which we make in small batches using only the choicest, freshest and the most premium ingredients.

It is the only scientifically developed tea in India which combines the magical abilities of Oolong, White Tea and Chamomile infused with other ayurvedic herbs to start your fitness routine and weightloss journey. Ayurvedic herbs like spearmint, turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, blueberry, blackberry, fennel, cranberry, elderberry, elderberry, vanilla pods, basil, licorice to name a few.

Promotes Fat Burning and Weight Loss. Makes Skin Glow and Detoxifies Body.